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Clean To Perfection offers reliable domestic cleaning services which is perfect for maintaining domestic estates, located in London. Our cleaning maids are qualified, skilled and work in line with the demands of the customer.

They can sanitise the bedrooms, living areas, hallway, bathroom and kitchen using suitable machines and equipment for cleaning.

We offer professional domestic cleaning to the residents of London and Greater London which is available seven days in the week.

Our employees can ensure the spotless state of your home. Schedule your cleaning service to be carried out once in the week, daily, fortnightly or whenever you prefer.

You can book our services per phone with a 24-hour notice. All you need to do is dial our number: 020 3475 5426

About Clean to Perfection

Over the years we’ve worked with hundreds of clients from all around London and we have always managed to satisfy their cleaning needs regardless of their requirements and the property they wanted cleaned. Thanks to them we’ve gained valuable experience that helped us create a set of the most complete cleaning procedures in London and we are fully confident that we are capable of satisfying your cleaning needs as well.

Clean to Perfection employ the best cleaning workers who are trained to use the best cleaning techniques, so we assure you that we are the right choice when it comes to professional cleaning.

We are ready to perform all kinds of cleaning tasks, so don’t hesitate to call our support staff if you need a specific cleaning job completed. Some of the main cleaning services we offer are:

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    End of tenancy cleaning

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    Carpet & upholstery cleaning

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    Regular or one-off domestic cleaning

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    After builders cleaning

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    Deep cleaning

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    Move out cleaning


Our cleaners are the best in the branch and we assure you that each one of them is prepared to face any cleaning challenge regardless of its complexity and difficulty. Thanks to our unique training course, each one of our workers knows how to successfully perform a wide range of cleaning procedures using the best cleaning chemicals, equipment and materials available.

Feel free to give us a call if you need further booking & pricing information.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

  • Studio flatfrom£89
  • One Bedroom Propertyfrom£145
  • Two Bedroom Propertyfrom£165
  • Three Bedroom Propertyfrom£189
Excluding professional carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Prices

  • Carpet Cleaning of One Bedroom£28£25
  • Carpet Cleaning of Double Bedroom£45£35
  • Carpet Cleaning of One Lounge£35£30
Minimum call out charge for carpet cleaning £55

Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning

  • Professional Cleaning of Two-seated sofa£55£45
  • Professional Cleaning of Three-seated sofa£70£60
  • Professional Cleaning of Armchair£30£22

Domestic Cleaning Services Prices

  • Regular Cleaning£22£19
  • One Off Cleaning£23£20
  • Spring, Deep Cleaning£23£20
  • Windows Cleaning£40£45

End of Tenancy Cleaning

You will find our guaranteed end of tenancy cleaning service in London useful when you are vacating your rented property.

We are pretty much aware of what letting agents and landlords require. We are absolutely confident that we can fulfil all requests and make your property appealing.

Our company is well aware of the fact that moving out from a certain residence is able to cause some issues and inconveniences. That’s why we offer our end of tenancy cleaning service. This is our way to help you with the moving out and give you the guaranteed full refund of you deposit money. A lot of companies offer this service, but let us briefly explain to you, why you should pick us.

First of all, our prices are definitely reasonable and very competitive. We offer this service on these prices, because we only want to make the process of moving out easier for you. And what better way to do that, than these tempting prices? Second – we are familiar with the secrets of perfectly cleaning a place, so we offer the professional oven cleaning, included in our end of tenancy cleaning. We can proudly say, that our clients only benefit from this offer. Third, we use only environmentally-friendly products that are in no way harmful to your health.

Last, but not least, our professional cleaning teams will provide the best cleaning service at any time you choose. The results will be impressive and we guarantee you that you will get back that deposit money.

Carpet Cleaners

Our cleaners are qualified and know how to ensure the perfectly clean state of every carpet depending on its fabric and condition.

They use effective detergents and stain removers which extract dirt, soiling and blemishes without leaving any trace.

If you are wondering which cleaning company to choose for a carpet cleaning service, let us help you with that decision! We are in the cleaning field of business for enough time now, that we are proud to say we are professionals. Our carpet cleaning service is suitable for your needs, because we are available to you at any given moment in your schedule. Our professional cleaners will come only at time convenient for you.

We also want to tell you that any carpet of yours must be cleaned regularly, about two times every year, so it can be in its best condition. Our techniques are very singular. We use deep steam cleaning and we treat any kinds of stains in the process of cleaning your carpet. Afterwards, we deodorize the cleaned areas, so you can be absolutely sure there will not be any unpleasant smells.

If you choose to contact our cleaning company, you will definitely not regret it! We are the best on the market, because we deal with cleaning projects successfully, efficiently and most importantly – professionally. Booking our carpet cleaning service is the easiest way to ensure the best care for your carpets!

Domestic Cleaners

Our domestic cleaning services, also known as one off cleaning are the best you can find. We adapt well in your schedule and come only when you need us, at any given moment of the week. We offer this service, because we know that some days of yours tend to be busier than others and we will gladly perform our services at time convenient for you.

Our methods and techniques in the cleaning process are modern and absolutely efficient. We use up-to-date hi-tech machines and modern tools, and also, we bring our own cleaning products and detergents, free of any charges.

We know it’s important for you to have a clean home, and we know how to satisfy any needs of yours when it comes to domestic cleaning. You can book us whenever you want and we will get the job done in the time you give us.

We are not afraid of a big mess or grease, bacteria or germs. We always win in the battle of getting rid of any kind of dirt, we disinfect when needed and we can proudly say that we are the best in the cleaning branch.

The one thing you can do is book us and see those perfect results with your own eyes!

After Builders Cleaners

Fast and effective – this is how our customers usually characterise our after builders cleaning services.

We clean the floorings, we remove tapes and labels from the bathroom, the sink, the toilet or the kitchen appliances; we clean the windows, also the frames, we take care of the ceilings and also the kitchen, the living room, the bedrooms.

We are open from Monday to Sunday so if you are in a rush, just let us know immediately and we will come within a day to restore the shine to your flat or house.

Deep Cleaners

Throughout the years, we’ve accumulated the most proper knowledge to do a thorough cleaning of your family home. With our professional deep cleaning services you can safely leave your home in our experienced hands. You are not obligated to reach us, but if you choose our deep cleaning service, you will not regret how you spent that money.

We know that it is important for you to have a clean and safe place for your kids to play and we perfectly know how to give you that safety. We can deep clean your whole home, or just one room – it’s up to you.

Whatever you choose it will be the best choice for seasonal cleaning or any type of cleaning at your home! We possess the knowledge to clean everything according to your expectations and we are motivated to see the smile on your face after we’ve proved ourselves.

You have the time to think about our offers and special promotions, however, soon or later, you will see that choosing us is a guaranteed perfectly clean home!

What is Included

Carpet Cleaning

  • vacuuming the carpet
  • pre-treating of any kinds of stains
  • using dry cleaning and steam cleaning
  • environmentally-friendly cleaning products and detergents
  • hi-tech machines and modern tools
  • deodorizing the room after the cleaning; no unpleasant smells
  • applying a protective spray layer for repelling any future stains

Domestic Cleaning

  • clean ledges and door frames
  • clean kitchen appliances like oven, microwave and fridge
  • clean cutlery
  • clean cupboards, closets, cabinets inside and out
  • clean carpets/scrub and mop floors
  • clean and disinfect bathroom and toilet areas
  • clean walls, ceilings and windows

Deep Cleaning

Bedroom and Living Rooms

  • clean door frames and window skirting boards
  • clean windows from outside and inside
  • clean all types of furniture
  • wipe glass surfaces and mirrors
  • carpet vacuuming/hardfloor scrubbing and mopping

Bathroom and Toilet areas

  • clean mirrors and glass surfaces
  • clean windows
  • clean shower, bath and sink
  • clean walls and floors
  • sanitize floors
  • scrub and disinfect all surfaces


  • clean inside and outside kitchen cabinets
  • wipe all kitchen surfaces
  • clean sink, taps
  • clean inside/outside every appliance (from coffeemaker to refrigerator)
  • clean wastebaskets
  • disinfect working surfaces
  • mop floors

End of Tenancy Cleaning


  • remove all grease and grime
  • clean cabinets from inside and out
  • wipe and disinfect kitchen surfaces
  • clean sink area and taps
  • clean appliances (including oven, fridge, and washing machines)
  • scrub walls
  • clean floors

Bathroom and Toilet areas

  • sanitize all surfaces
  • disinfect toilets and bidets
  • clean cupboards inside and out
  • clean bathtubs, shower areas
  • scrub floors and walls

Bedrooms and Living areas

  • clean furniture
  • dust shelves
  • clean windows from both sides
  • clean doorframes and ledges
  • dust and clean radiators
  • wipe mirrors and other glass surfaces
  • clean carpets/mop floors


  • My grandmother gave me her beloved carpet last year when Michael and I finally moved in together. I have to say that I didn’t like that old piece of cloth in the beginning. My grandma had never had it professionally cleaned and the carpet was discoloured, stained, and its colours weren’t the brightest, too. But since buying a new carpet was not something we could afford at the time, we decided to try having ours professionally cleaned.

    One of my best friends had taken advantage of your cleaning services some time ago and since she said she was pleased with the result, we decided to book your company, too. What our carpet got was a complete transformation in less than an hour.

    Michael was absolutely thrilled that your technician did a 5-step cleaning job, and so was I. When your technician finished cleaning the carpet, it was almost dry and ready for use. It didn’t have any stain, neither discolorations, and the colours of the fiber was as bright as they were when my grandma bought it. In addition, the carpet was really fluffy, too.

    If your technician tried to satisfy us a 100 percent, he achieved it. We are really happy and we have a brand new carpet without paying a ton of money for it. We will book again soon.

  • I’m working as a lawyer in the capital. At the firm, we’ve booked a professional cleaning company that comes to clean each of the offices but since I didn’t like the way those guys cleaned, I decided to find another cleaning company which offers deep cleaning services, available in offices. I have to say that if it weren’t for your company’s deep cleaning services, my office would still look as if a bomb had been dropped in it. Your team of professionals came precisely on time for our appointment and they carried their hardcore gear – professional cleaning products and machines.

    The way your team of specialists cleaned my property is completely out of this world. There wasn’t an inch in the office which your team hadn’t dusted and polished. Thanks to you, my office now looks just as presentable as it has to be.

    I liked what you did so much that I decided to book you for a cleaning session in my home, too. Again, the results were outstanding. I recommended your cleaning company to everyone at the firm, and my wife recommended you to her colleagues. We will definitely book your services again.

  • Two years ago I found out about the domestic cleaning service this company offers and I decided to try it out. The hard work and diligence of the housekeepers who visited me were fantastic. They got all the cleaning done with utmost care and great quality. I did not believe my eyes that every nook and cranny of my flat was shining clean and the housekeepers delivered the domestic cleaning session just as I wished.

    The outstanding performance of the cleaners made me think that this cleaning company is definitely worth booking and trusting. For this purpose, ever since I have been booking this company’s domestic cleaning service for a regular maintenance. Now, thanks to their housekeepers, I am able to enjoy my free time to the fullest and be sure that my home is in the right hands. My home always look spick and span. I do appreciate the hard work of those cleaners who are always ready to lend an ear in case I have some specific request and preferences. Then they deliver the most outstanding domestic cleaning session.

    Risking to sound a little bit selfish, the greatest benefit from this company and their services is that they provide me not only with pristine results but with more free time for myself and my dearest ones. Another thing is that I do not have to spend all my energy doing the burdensome chores. No matter how dirty or messy my home is, I know that I can always rely on this company.

  • Last week, a team of representatives from your professional cleaning company came home for an end of tenancy cleaning session. Your professionals completely transformed my property – I had never seen it so clean and welcoming. Thanks to your help, I received a full refund on my deposit money and I will definitely take advantage of your cleaning company again.

    What made me fall for your cleaning company was your customer support team – the representative I phoned was informed on the subject of end of tenancy cleaning and she thoroughly explained what your technicians would do in my property. Moreover, your team was on time for the appointment. I wasn’t accustomed to professional cleaners coming right on time for their appointments and I was really amazed that your technicians didn’t make me wait. For me, the fact that you came on time meant that you are true professionals and trustworthy ones, too.

    Last, but not least, the way you cleaned my property was completely out of this world. Your technicians transformed the way my home looked and I loved it. You eliminated every greasy stain from the kitchen and you made the refrigerator look like brand new. You did a great job at home and I thank you.