After Builders Cleaning

Cleaning after renovationIs your home growing along with your family and your needs? Have you just had your bathroom redone, your kitchen extended or that sun room you’ve been dreaming of finally added to the back of your home? There is nothing more exciting than transforming your space into the home of your dreams, but unfortunately, that stressful process can come with some setbacks. Builders are fantastic at what they do, but unfortunately, their work produces a lot of dust, dirt, and debris.As professional as builders are, they will always leave a mess in your home. We recommend after builders cleaners after you have had any of the following works and more done in your home:

  • Home renovation
  • Extension
  • Kitchen renovation
  • Bathroom renovation
  • Necessary building works
  • Loft conversion
  • Conservatory
  • New home office

Building works kick up very fine dust that has the ability to penetrate most surfaces and spread throughout your home, even into areas where work was not done! On top of that, builders often track mud, dirt and debris through your home when carrying out work. While they may have done a wonderful job creating the bathroom of your dreams, there are most likely still industrial stickers on that new vanity and shower door that can be hard to remove.

  • The after renovation cleaning could be a real nightmare. I am glad that used your services because you saved me a lot of time and hard work. The place was cleaned in a blink of an eye. The additional sofa and carpet steam cleaning was also a good idea. I was happy to use your services and will recommend you to my friends.

We recommend that your home be professionally cleaned after building works have been done. Getting work done on your home is stressful. Let us take away some of that stress by making sure your home is beautiful and clean when it comes time for you to move back in.

Get in contact with our customer service team today to discuss our cleaning services and schedule a professional after builders cleaning service from Clean To Perfection. We serve London and the greater London area.

After Builders Cleaning Services Prices

  • Studio Flat£130
  • One Bedroom Flat£150
  • Two Bedroom Flat£170
  • Three Bedroom Flat£260
  • Four Bedroom Flat£400
  • Five Bedroom Flat£500

Welcome back to your home

There is such a huge feeling of excitement when moving back into your home after building works or renovations have been done. Even if you have managed to live in your home while parts of it were refurbished, we understand that life over the last couple of weeks has not been normal or stress-free. Building works are stressful and can come with unseen complications and costs. As soon as the building works are over and the builders have left your home, it seems like the work is over, but the cleaning work has just begun.

Let Clean To Perfection take away some of the stress of having work done on your home. Our professional cleaners offer an exceptional after builders cleaning service, which will leave your home looking better than it ever has before.

    What we do

    Clean To Perfection offers a professional after builders cleaning service that will have your house looking better than it did before the builders entered your home. Our professional cleaners will expertly remove any and all dust and debris caused by the works done in your home, leaving your home clean and beautiful so you can enjoy the renovations to your space without having to worry about cleaning up the mess.

    Our service includes the following:

    • Removal of splatters and splashes from paint, plaster, latex and cement
    • Cleaning of skirting boards, sills and ledges
    • Scrubbing and sanitising switches and sockets
    • Sanitising of wooden, vinyl and hard floors
    • Dusting and deep cleaning of bathrooms, kitchens and living areas
    • Remove stickers and film from new appliances

    CleanToPerfection Ltd. provides professional end of tenancy cleaning services in London. Booking our service will guarantee you 100% deposit refunding.

    Call us now at: 02034755426

    We like to provide a brief overview of what our services include but over our years of experience serving the London area, we were quick to realise that no two messes are the same, and each space may require a slightly different approach. You can be assured that Clean To Perfection will put in the time and effort to get your space looking spotless. We have yet to find a mess we couldn’t clean.

    Our professional cleaners are available to clean your home as soon as the builders are offsite. Get in contact today to schedule an after builders cleaning with Clean To Perfection. We are available to clean your home seven days a week.

    Commercial Cleaning

    Commercial Clenaing We understand how stressful it can be to undertake renovations or building works on your business space. Oftentimes, during such works, your business must shut down for the entirety of the works. This can be very expensive for business owners and even detrimental to your business if your premises are closed for too long. This is why it is incredibly important that your business reopen as soon as it possibly can.

    Clean To Perfection offers an exemplary after builders cleaning service to our commercial clients. If you hire Clean To Perfection to perform an after builders cleaning to your space, you will benefit from the following:

    • Flexible cleaning times – we are available morning, noon and night to clean your property, including weekends and bank holidays.
    • Quick turn around – our cleaning teams are effective, efficient and highly trained and are sure to get your space looking sparkling in no time.
    • Large cleaning crews – when needed, we send out large cleaning crews who are ready to get to work.
    • Free estimates – we offer a free inspection service where we can give you a no-obligation quote for our services.

    Contact Clean To Perfection today. Our customer service team would be happy to discuss your cleaning needs and our cleaning services.

    Wall Cleaning

    Wall cleaning is an additional service that can be booked in addition to you after builders cleaning service. We have added this additional service after years of assisting Londoners to clean their homes after building works were completed. We have discovered that often building works leave scuff marks, splatters and dirt on walls which requires thorough and professional cleaning to remove.

    Get in contact with our customer service team today to discuss wall cleaning. This additional service will come with an added price but can be added on to any of our cleaning services, especially after builders cleaning.

    Other Additional Services

    Clean To Perfection offers a range of professional cleaning services to London and the Greater London area. Our professional after builders cleaning service is for our customers who have had work done on their homes, but if you feel like your home requires additional cleaning services, these are some of the additional services we provide.

    • Upholstery Cleaning
    • Carpet Cleaning
    • Oven Cleaning
    • Window Cleaning
    • Gardening Service

    We recommend booking our professional gardening service for a once-off service after work have been done on your home. Oftentimes, builders will use gardens to store building materials, leaving behind the debris. Depending on the length of your renovations, your garden may have been left to grow wild or die. Our professional gardeners will remove debris from your garden, weed, mow and trim. They will get your garden ready to be lush and beautiful again.

    Get in contact with our customer service team if you need any additional cleaning services performed in your home. Our professional team is ready and available to help you deep clean your home.

    Who We are

    Who awe are Clean To Perfection are a professional cleaning company based in the London area. We have been serving the London area for years and have used that time to refine our skills and our services. We offer top-quality cleaning services to our clients and use their valued feedback to improve our business.

    We hire professional and experienced cleaners who all go through a thorough vetting process before joining our team. We perform a thorough vetting process and background checks on all of our cleaners to put your mind at ease and ensure that only trusted cleaners are entering your property. We understand the stress of allowing strangers into your home, especially during building works on your home, which is why we try to minimise that for you.

    Our cleaning company and our cleaners are fully insured with public liability insurance meaning that in the incredibly unlikely event that an incident happens, it will be fully covered by insurance.