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In what way the cleaning services are paid?
The method that we prefer is cash payment on the completion and inspection of the job. However, another alternative is to arrange a preliminary bank transfer in cases when you could not attend the appointment in the property. To facilitate our corporate clients, we also accept company and business checks and payments via Invoice.

Do I need to be at home during the cleaning procedures?

This depends on you. When regular domestic services are performed, it is required to be there on the first visit so that you can show the cleaning maid the house or flat and discuss the cleaning procedures that are needed. After this you can supply her with keys and she will be coming on the day of the schedule to perform the services. When other cleaning is concerned, the keys may be left in a safe place so that we can take them and start the process. A possible collection of the keys from a letting agency or real estate is also an option. The only thing you should do is to come back when the cleaning is finished for inspection of the premises and for the arrangement of the payment with the cleaning team.

Are the cleaners insured?
The cleaners possess public liability insurance which is also crime and reference checked. If requested, the certificates, references and insurance policies can be provided.

I am very busy working woman I needed a regular domestic cleaning service. Yet, it was hard to give my key to a stranger and I wanted an ensured and checked company with experienced employees. You meet all my requirements and justify all my expectations.

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    Are the cleaning products and equipment provided by the customers?
    Yes, for regular domestic services you must provide your own cleaning materials. If you hesitate about what to buy, we can help you and give you a list for cleaning products. When it comes to hourly based services which are longer than six hours, we can provide the products at an additional charge of 16 GBP. As far as Move In and Move out cleaning is concerned, we provide everything that is needed.

    How many cleaners will perform the cleaning procedures?
    This depends on the size of the property, on the condition of the premises and on the type of services booked. For example in case of end of tenancy cleaning of two bedrooms flat we send a team of 2 or 3 cleaners, one of them being a supervisor.

    Are the house cleaners well trained and supervised?

    The team members are well trained and each team consists of a team supervisor who has to inspect that cleaning tasks are properly performed. We also provide managers who make constant visits to the premises to ensure that standards are fully met.

    Are the cleaning services guaranteed?
    The end of tenancy cleaning service has a guarantee for 48 hours after the original clean. If the client is not satisfied with the cleaning in some of the areas or you have not passed your check do not hesitate to call within 48 hours and the team will come and re clean it without any charge.

    Do the cleaners possess a permission to work legally in the UK?
    We provide immigration and police check for all our employees. You can be supplied with all the necessary documentation and Ids, before they start performing the procedures. // blue-badge