End of Tenancy Cleaning Notting Hill

end_of_Tenancy_cleaningIt came time to move out from your rented property in Notting Hill? Perhaps you are ending your rental agreement yourself or you just find the place smaller than you want. Whatever the reason for your moving out is, we are sure that there are a lot of things you need to do and many tasks to complete, before you finally move in your next residence.

The one thing we can do for you is clean your rental property instead of you. We offer the end of tenancy cleaning, for those of you, who are at any stage of the process of moving out and have so much to do, that probably need some extra help.

The end of tenancy cleaning service that Clean To Perfection offers is affordable and easily accessible! In the following lines, we will tell you a little bit more about our service and try to convince you that we are the best choice possible!

Here you could check if we serve your area:

What will be included in the cleaning


  • clean kitchen appliances like fridge/ freezer, microwave, sandwich press, dishwasher, toaster, etc.
  • clean cupboards
  • clean every kitchen cabinet
  • de-grease the oven
  • sweep and mop bare floors, vacuum any rags
  • wash windows
  • sanitise sink and taps, remove lime scale

Living Room

  • wipe skirting boards
  • pay attention to little objects like picture frames, door frames, light fixtures, switches, ceiling fans, etc.
  • clean under and behind furniture
  • dust all pieces of furniture
  • vacuum cleaning the floors or mopping (depending on the material)
  • wash windows
  • shine mirrors and glass surfaces


  • wipe skirting boards
  • clean picture frames, door frames, light fixtures, switches, ceiling fans, etc.
  • clean under and behind furniture
  • dust furniture
  • sweep and mop bare floors, vacuum carpets
  • clean windows
  • wash and shine mirrors

Hallways/ Stairs

  • clean skirting boards
  • dust picture frames
  • vacuum and mop floors

Bathroom/ Toilet

  • clean shower/ shower head
  • sanitise bath tub
  • disinfect toilets
  • wash mirrors
  • scrub floors and wall tiles
  • clean

The first step of completing the full cycle of the service starts with its booking. The service is suitable for flats and houses, no matter how big they are. We spend the necessary time to clean them thoroughly. The booking is quick and very easy. You only have to contact us on our e-mail or on the phone and tell our customer support team what exactly do you want, when, and where in Notting Hill you want it!

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End of Tenancy Cleaning Prices

  • Studio flatfrom£99
  • One Bedroom Propertyfrom£165
  • Two Bedroom Propertyfrom£189
  • Three Bedroom Propertyfrom£220
  • Four Bedroom Propertyfrom£300
Excluding professional carpet cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning Notting Hill W11

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    We know that you tend to be stressed throughout the working week, so we work on the weekends to make the end of tenancy service more available to you! We come to clean at the time of the appointment and not a minute after! We are punctual and very serious in our job!

    Clean To Perfection consists of only experienced professional cleaners, that are dedicated to their work! They are open to your questions and will comply with any recommendations or preferences you might have! Their goal is to make you smile at the sight of the perfectly cleaned place and win you that deposit money back!

    Our professionals use only modern machines and tools that are suited for any type of cleaning task you give them! Also, with the help of our chemicals-free cleaning products they will achieve the desired results without causing damages to any surface of your rented property! The prices of the end of tenancy cleaning service are fixed and no changes are applicable. We will not charge you any extra fees for the equipment used!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is included in the price package?

      In short, you pay for the package of services you choose. All necessary products and equipment is included in the overall cost. Our rates also depend on the size and condition of your property. Bear in mind that you don’t pay for hourly service, you pay for the job done. Even if we have to spend more time than envisioned at your property to achieve the results we promised, that won’t add to the price. You won’t be extra charged for anything that is not negotiated beforehand with our representatives.

    • Do I need to provide for cleaning products and equipment?

      No. We work with a fine brand of potent chemicals and the latest specialized machinery on the market. They are included in the final price of your deal. We have a set of special non-toxic solutions for different problem areas that would achieve great results without posing a treat for anyone residing in the property. Our products don’t leave harmful residues or irritating odor. They are provenly very effective treating all kinds of dirt and grime without being harmful surface of health wise.

    • Do I have to be on site?

      Not unless you want to. We don’t want to disturb your regular routine or any plan you might have. The only thing you need to do is leave the key to a trusted somebody to give us access to your property. It would be best if the same person can come when our job is done to observe the results. However, if that’s inconvenient, we can send you pictures of the results immediate after we finish the job. We can also offer you our inspection service. An inspection clerk can come to make an estimation of our work and in case we haven’t fulfilled our obligations in a satisfactory way, you have a right for a redo cleaning free of charge.

    You can be sure that every room will be thoroughly cleaned and there will be no sign of dirt, grime, dust or any type of filthy spots. Our teams pay special attention, to not only one or two parts of the place. They are attentive to every room – bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, hallways, every inch will get the deserved attention!

    We promise you two things – a perfectly cleaned rental property and the refund of your deposit money back! If this is not tempting, then what is?

    We worked for so long in this area of business that we adopted a lot of techniques and methods that help us do our work professionally everywhere we go. Every task is different. Every delivery, however, is always the same – impressive results, happy clients, mutual respect and in most cases – calls for another services of ours!

    If you decide to use our end of tenancy cleaning services in Notting Hill you can contact our customer support team on the phone or online, and they will book you the service! You can ask them whatever you want and demand any additional information about the service! We are waiting for the smile of our next customers’ face, and that could be you!

    If you choose our end of tenancy cleaning service anywhere in Notting Hill you can expect:

    • Fast and easy booking
    • Delivery on time, according to your schedule
    • Professional service, done by experienced cleaning teams
    • Service done with modern equipment and environmentally-friendly cleaning products
    • Thorough cleaning of every room
    • Oven cleaning included in the service and the price
    • Fixed prices, no extra charges for equipment
    • Guarantee for getting back your deposit money
    • Attentive and efficient delivery of the service